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HKIRC: the Best .hk Website Awards 「最佳 .hk 網站獎」

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HKIRC: the Best .hk Website Awards 「最佳 .hk 網站獎」

Established in 2009 by HKIRC, the Best .hk Website Awards (the Awards) aims to recognise the remarkable achievements of all outstanding .hk websites. 

HKIRC「最佳 .hk 網站獎」(獎項*) 成立於2009年,旨在表揚優秀的 .hk 網站,令得獎網站的卓越成就備受賞識。

Radhealth's domain names are registered with the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC).

The designer of the banner on the Home Page, depicting the bGeigie a radiation monitor and the logo of RADHEALTH, is Dr. Justin Wong (Chief Engineer, Conzeb Limited, the University of Hong Kong and Honorary Consultant of Radhealth).

Mr Clement Cheng, former Head of Radiation Health Unit (Hong Kong Government) commented on 26 July 2015 on the RadHealth logo design which comprises both scientific and artistic elements: “It's an excellent logo design, with ionizing and EM radiations covered and the vision of evergreen sustainability.”

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