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Tune in to MJ13 UFO Channel 與飛碟大師MJ13卓飛網絡空間相遇

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Tune in to MJ13 UFO Channel 與飛碟大師MJ13卓飛網絡空間相遇

Encounter with Cheuk Fei of MJ13, UFO Guru, in Cyberspace, on March 9, 2018 .  

This time we talked about something just as bizarre, something that can possibly glow in the dark!

It's not UFO. Guess what!  

Yes, you've got it. It's radiation.

Radiation surrounds us --- from ionizing radiation  to non-ionizing radiation (emitted from Wifi, mobile phones etc.)


這次我們談論一些特殊現象 ......  特的物質可能在黑暗中發光!

啊! 不是 UFO (不明飛行物體)。 猜猜是什麼!

對了,你猜對了 ....... 是輻射

輻射圍繞著我們---從電離輻射  到 Wifi手機等非電離輻射

S P22 book

Showing book Healing Tree - Nuclear Age Dilemma生命樹 - 核時代的困惑


S P27 show bG

The bGeigie - Safecast  developed a geiger counter with GPS for environmental monitoring.


S P18 bG tile

Measuring ionizing radiation renovation tiles with bGeigie. 用bGeigie測量裝修瓷磚的電離輻射


S P20 bG Kombu

Measuring  ionizing radiation frim Kombu, a common edible seaweed. 測量食用海帶的電離輻射


Yes, then we moved on to seafood that a lot of folks like to eat. But toxic heavy metals like mercury, arsenic and cadmium lurking inside can give you allergies, even cancer, and weaken your nerves, body organs, and immunity. 

我們跟著談論很多人喜歡吃的海鮮。 但可知有毒重金屬如汞、砷和鎘可能潛伏在美食中,並能導致過敏,甚至癌症,並削弱身體神經系統、器官和免疫力。

 S P4 map cropS P3 table Crop



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