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浸大中醫學院成立珍卡兒中醫透皮治療實驗室 JaneClare Transdermal TCM Therapy Lab

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浸大中醫學院成立珍卡兒中醫透皮治療實驗室 JaneClare Transdermal TCM Therapy Lab

The inauguration of the  JaneClare Transdermal TCM Therapy Laboratory  at Baptist University (BU) on 21 November 2017 marked an important milestone of research on using traditional Chinese medicinal herbs in effective skincare. 

JaneClare, which won the Hong Kong Most Valuable Company Award 2016, has her own strong R&D team, who developed the Reborn Power Cream and Blueberry Revital Firming Mask, both tested by Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC).

With over 60 Chinese herbs including Ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, Angelica, Witch Hazel, Cnidium,  Reborn was clinically proven to remove 78% of fine lines and emerging wrinkles after 4 weeks of continuous use. HKPC ranked the Blueberry Mask highest in a test for anti-oxidant (an anti-ageing ingredient) contents, up to 70% higher than other international mask brands.  https://www.janeclare.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=18

The JaneClare Transdermal TCM Therapy Laboratory is run by Professors and staff from BU’s School of Chinese Medicine. While acting as a backup to the JaneClare R&D team, they spearhead research/ development, using TCM in healthy and rejuvenating skin care, beauty and whitening, and in natural preservation of products for longer shelf life, without harmful chemical additives.

Angela Lee, JP, Founder of JaneClare,  has the vision of bringing this Hong Kong brand to become an International Skincare Brand. The establishment of this Lab at BU is a step closer in the mission of bringing JaneClare to achieving this.






珍卡兒 獲得2016年度香港最具價值公司獎, 擁有自己的研發團隊。

香港生產力促進局(HKPC)曾對受歡迎的「再生修護乳霜」 和「藍莓緊緻面膜」, 進行測試。「再生修護乳霜」 含人參,銀杏,當歸,金縷梅,蛇床子,複方等60多種中草藥, 經過4週的連續使用,經臨床證實可以去除78% 細紋和皺紋。

HKPC將「藍莓面膜」評為抗氧化(抗衰老成分)含量最高的產品,比其他國際面膜品牌高出七成。 https://www.janeclare.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=18

「珍卡兒中醫透皮治療實驗室」由浸大BU中醫學院的教授和職員營運, 並作為 珍卡兒 研發團隊的後盾。他們研發利用中草藥, 護理皮膚, 使它恢復活力健康,而達到美容和美白。也使用中草藥天然保存及延長產品的保質期,不用任何有害化學添加劑。

珍卡兒 的創始人李慧賢太平紳士的抱負是將這香港品牌打造成國際護膚品牌。「珍卡兒中醫透皮治療實驗室」的成立,是邁向這使命的一大步。





Dr. & Mrs. Hung Hin Shiu Museum of Chinese Medicine  孔憲紹博士伉儷中醫藥博物館






  Fiona bear玉 crop














Visiting the JaneClare Transdermal TCM Therapy Lab   參觀珍卡兒中醫透皮治療實驗室

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