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2018-9-29 SUNKIDS KG - workshop for parents

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2018-9-29 SUNKIDS KG - workshop for parents

Dr. Mamie Lau was invited by Sunkids KG's Principal Ms Ivy Man to conduct a health workshop for parents on 29 September 2018. 

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1. 壓力:21世紀的嚴重流行病.    Stress: The severe health epidemic of the 21st Century

2. 移動電話、無線網絡、電腦等的電磁波 有損健康、生殖能力、孩子腦部發展、甚至引致腫瘤癌症?

   EM waves from mobile phones, WiFi, computer etc, can harm our health, undermine reproductive power, and     cause tumours? 

 3. 香港背景輻射是東京兩倍,甚至三、四倍!    不吸煙 …… 也患肺癌 ?

     Hong Kong’s background radiation doubles that of Tokyo …… even 3 or 4 times?  Non-smoker can contract lung cancer! 

4. 神經毒性的重金屬,阻礙孩子大腦發育

     Neurotoxic heavy metals, undermining child's brain development

 Workshop Contents:

*  Protecting ourselves from damaging radiation

*  Protecting ourselves from toxins (toxic metals such as mercury and lead) in food,       products and environment

*  Turning stress into strength –empowerment, renewal, meditation


*  緩解來自環境、室內氡氣、 Wifi、 手機等輻射的方法

*  日常飲食用品的毒素 (有毒金屬如水銀, 鉛)

*  壓力變動力 - 思想轉化、內觀、去化解焦慮、恐懼、憤怒,達致心境安寧

Principal Ivy Man said she was concerned about toxics in  personal care products and cosmetics that people use daily. GmLUPDoAIvy's idea sparked the 1 Source project by Russell Yau (her husband), who created the 1 Source App that evaluates ingredients and gives simple ratings based on the potential health effects in human, animals, and their impact on our environment. 

1Source 透過大數據檢視產品成分,以簡潔清晰的評分及描述,分析產品對人體、動植物和環境的潛在影響.

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Parents are enthusiastic in participating in discussion groups

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