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2018-3-20 Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors CPD Seminar 香港測量師學會 講座

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2018-3-20 Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors CPD Seminar 香港測量師學會 講座

It was full house on 20 March 2018, when Dr. Mamie Lau was invited by Hong Kong Institure of Surveyors to talk for the CPD (continuous professional  development):

  1. Ionizing radiation – from building materials, indoor radon, food (eg. from Japan), health impact *HKIS ICC ray model crop
  2. Non-ionizing radiation – Electromagnetic waves, Wifi, mobile phones, transmission towers, mitigatory measures in buildings
  3. Solar radiations reflected from building façades/ glass curtain walls - pioneering ray tracing study; EIA during planning stage can prevent nuisance, health hazards, damages, blinding glare to drivers
    Picture on the right side: ICC ray tracing model by Dr. Justin Wong.
    More at:

 The audience was interested in building the bGeigie, with positive feedbacks:

*  " The talk was great, I was not aware of radiation and light adverse effect before" 


*  A female attendee said:  “I used to doze off at CPD classes, but this one is so interesting that I was wide awake all the way through.”



HKIS stretch crop

The talk was scheduled from 7 to 8.30 pm and the audience just came off a whole day's work, tired and probably hungry.   Dr. Lau first started with some stretching exercises, and this brought some vitality and laughter back to the tired audience.

HKIS full house







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